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Chinese Medicine has centuries of experience treating addictions, particularly in the 1800's during the opium wars addiction became a serious problem in China. Chinese Doctors needed to find methods of treating patients. Doctors not only needed to treat addiction but also needed to treat the health problems and diseases caused by long term substance abuse. There are several modalities in Chinese Medicine that are beneficial and helpful in treating addictions. One modality is acupuncture treatments, another ear acupuncture, and also Chinese herbal medicine. The Chinese herbal medicine for overcoming nicotine addiction as well as many other addictive substances is "Xiao Chia Hu Tang" also known as Minor Bupleurum Combination. 

For long-term smoking you must deep clean the lungs and undo as much damage as possible. There are two excellent formulas that will help in this process. The first is  "High Strength Yin Qiao" tablets. This is a popular formula used by heavy smokers in Japan to deep clean their lungs. Also, another formula is "Ryukakusan" herbal powder, this powder stimulates the secretion and removal of mucus from the inner surface of the trachea enlivening the natural action of the lung and bronchial tubes to move phlegm and fluid out, which is a natural bodily process that is injured by long term smoking. 

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