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Dr. Lindsey was first introduced to the Chinese language and culture as a young missionary serving in the Republic of China on the Island of Taiwan.  Years later he decided to return to China and study acupuncture along with Traditional Chinese Medicine which is a herbal based medical system.


Since Dr. Lindsey already knew the language he was able to quickly apply for and receive an apprenticeship. In fact, he completed two apprenticeships while there.  The first was a 1-year apprenticeship with Dr. Jang in Hsin Chu County. 


Quickly after completing this first apprenticeship, which focused on acupuncture only Dr. Lindsey started a 4 year apprentice with Dr. Liang, Sao-hua at his clinic in Tao-yuan County.  It was fortunate for Dr. Lindsey to be able to have the priviledge of training under such a renowned and talented doctor. Dr. Liang Shao-Hua graduate from China Medical College, Taichung campus in Taiwan (R.O.C. Certificate number 43) in 1980. Dr. Liang received his Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (certificate number 1248) in 1981. Dr. Liang rose in prominence and became the President of the Taiwan Chinese Medical Association from 1986 to 1989. He ran his own clinic in Taoyuan county from 1981 to 1998.  Dr. Liang  apprenticed to a very famous Dr. in Taipei named Ma Guang-Ya.

With Dr. Liang, Dr. Lindsey continued his training in acupuncture and he also studied Chinese herbal medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, infectious diseases, as well as several other departments of medicine.  After completing this second apprenticeship Dr. Lindsey returned to the United States and applied for and successfully took the National Boards for Certification in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Style Acupuncture. He is now locally licensed as an acupuncturist in the State of Utah where he has been practicing Chinese medicine and Acupuncture since 1994.  He presently has two clinics, one in Midvale the other in Logan. 

Dr. Guy Lindsey


Dr. Liang Shao-Hua and his Son with

Dr. Lindsey during his China Apprenticeship

Dr. Ma Guang-Ya.

The many faces of Dr. Lindsey

Dr. Lindsey, Late-wife, and Family
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Dr. Lindsey's Family (All worked for Lindsey Acupuncture at some time.)
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