ADD/ADHD in children and adults have several subclassifications. If ADD and ADHD are manifesting with hyperactivity and short temper this is considered by Chinese medicine as a manifestation of excess heat. The formula to use for this is 
"Ching Gan Special Formula".


If there is a inability to focus and concentrate and difficulty getting to sleep in connection to the ADD and ADHD then take "Gan Mai Da Zao Tang" .  


If you experience hyperactivity, short temper, inability to focus and you have trouble getting to sleep you will need to combine "Ching Gan Special Formula" and "Gan Mai Da Zao Tang" .  


If there is poor memory connected to the ADD and ADHD then use "Zhong Wen Cong Ming" Chinese Brain Formula".


If you have poor memory in combination with hyperactivity, short temper, inability to focus and concentrate, and difficulty sleeping you will need to combine all three of these formulas. 

To purchase these items click these hyperlinks "Ching Gan Special Formula" "Gan Mai Da Zao Tang" "Zhong Wen Cong Ming" Chinese Brain Formula". To purchase other Traditional Chinese Medicine click here for the homepage of a website that Dr. Lindsey highly recommends for its reliability.

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