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I began seeing Dr. Lindsey because of warts that would grow on my right thumb and hand. I had the warts removed by a dermatologist every three to six months for a period of twelve years. This was a very painful process as the dermatologist used both liquid nitrogen and an electrode to burn off the warts. Dr. Lindsey was recommended to me as an alternative to this approach to treating my warts. Dr. Lindsey treated the warts on my hand for a period of 2 months; the warts disappeared completely and have not come back. That was over 22 years ago. I have continued to see Dr. Lindsey since then for a variety of conditions. He is professional, knowledgeable and the treatments he employs work quickly to heal both the body and mind. I have recommended his services to all my family, friends and acquaintances over the 22 years I have known Dr. Lindsey. I cannot recommend him enough to anyone who is open to “alternative medical” treatments. He is the only Doctor I trust completely. 

Over the years I have been to several acupuncturists. I was referred to Dr. Lindsey and what a difference! He understood and diagnosed my medical problems. Using acupuncture and herbs he was able to resolve my issues. I have been gong to Dr Lindsey for years and he has always helped me. He is professional, kind, patient and understanding. I wholeheartedly recommend his services.

Dr. Lindsey has been a great help to our family figuring out our aches and pains and fixing them with great skill.

Dr. Lindsey is the first place I go to get my injuries and ailments fixed. He has been a key component to my overall health and well-being. Highly recommended!

I would like to express my thanks to Dr. Lindsey and his staff for the help and progress that I have made in my health over the last years. I have had problems with carpel tunnel, polymyalgia rheumatica which causes widespread aching and stiffness in the hips and shoulders and fatigue issues. 
His herbal medicines have been a great help to me to feel revitalized and have the energy I need for my physically demanding job. I have received multiple acupuncture treatments that have helped to lessen pain and helped me live more productively. I like his common sense approach to reducing stress and finding the root of the ailments that I was having. My carpel tunnel has cleared up and I am no longer considering surgery for it. I am now pain free. I live out of state and have always received the product promptly and have enjoyed the courteous staff.

I came to know Dr. Lindsay when I took my son in with pretty bad asthma. Through some Chinese medicine and a few acupuncture treatments, my son is doing so well! Dr. Lindsay has since helped me and other family members for various reasons. I really appreciate the time he takes at our appointments. I have recommended him to friends and family.

Dr. Lindsey was incredibly professional and actually cared about my medical issues. He was able to resolve pain that a western physician told me would just be a life long pain that I could decrease with frequent ibuprofen. I'm glad that Dr. Lindsey could make my pain completely go away through non-invasive methods. I go to Dr. Lindsey for all my illnesses and ailments and get them resolved faster than a traditional western physician.

Dr Lindsey is a fantastic doctor and professional. I was originally worried whether acupuncture and chinese medicine were legitimate but Dr. Lindsey quickly proved himself to be an effective and legitimate doctor! His medicine has helped me recover from colds and flu's incredibly fast and his acupuncture and medicine has reduced my chronic acid reflux to almost nothing! Dr Lindsey has also helped my wife with some of her health problems and one of my friends to get rid of her Celiac's disease. He truly knows his stuff and I couldn't recommend him enough!

I was very pleased with my experience at Lindsey Acupuncture. Very professional & kind. Dr. Lindsey helped my sciatica so much! I don't have any sciatic pain anymore.

I have been going to Dr. Lindsey on and off for years for various reasons. In addition to his great knowledge of acupuncture, he has Chinese herbs to use in addition to and sometimes instead of acupuncture to help his patients. He is caring, effective and knowledgeable. His staff is always helpful and pleasant to speak with. Unless it is an emergency, he is the first person I want to talk to about an illness or injury. I regularly recommend him to anyone willing to try an alternative approach to healing.

        5       Dr. Lindsey has helped me to overcome and keep in remission 3 Chronic illness (Chronic Fatigue, Endometriosis, and Fibromyalgia). I at one time had to have yearly surgeries to maintain my health but since going to him I have no longer needed surgery. I was told by my excellent physician that my health and condition would make it impossible to have children. Today I have a very happy active 5 year old that was delivered by the very same Dr. who told me I could not have children. Still today Medical Dr.'s are surprised when reading my background and medical history that I gave birth to a child. It is worth your time to investigate what he can do for you in your health challenges.

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