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"Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang" is a highly regarded ancient Chinese herbal formula made from a combination of astragalus and ginseng. These two herbs are the most important and effective in replenishing the body’s strength. It has long been used to treat weakness and general fatigue, loss of appetite, and also chronic weak digestion.  This formula has long been used in China to treat small children who are too skinny and have poor health. If you put them on this formula they will flesh out and become strong and vibrant.

There is a certain type of migraine that is caused from weak energy. This kind of migraine gets worse when you overwork or become tired. The only real way to fix it is by sleep and rest. If you have this type of medicine is a miracle drug for you. The results of which will be astounding, beneficial and amazing.  One note of caution if this is not your kind of migraine and you take this medicine it will usually make this headache worse. 

To purchase these items or any other Traditional Chinese Medicine give us a call at the clinic at (435)-535-3006)

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