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Lindsey Health Clinic


95 W. Golf Course Road

Suite 104
Logan, UT 84321

Tel 435-535-3006


The Logan office is available to schedule your appointments Monday-Friday. 

Office Hours

Mon-Thursday   9 am-6pm


8282 South State St #12

Midvale, Ut 84047

Physical Location is Closed

All Files have been moved to the Logan Location. Dr. Lindsey is still able to help all of his Traditional Chinese Medicine Patients through phone consultations. We will ship your medications directly to you.

Our Phone number is still active and you can leave messages for us on this line.

Tel. 801-233-8830



Dr. Lindsey's recommendations for Acupuncture and N.A.E.T. services.

Utah Acupuncture

Dan Clark (801) 830-7067  American Fork

Mike Berger (385) 888-6900 Sugar House

Dr. Sun (801) 355-8668 Salt Lake City

Master Lu (801) 463-1101 So. Salt Lake City and Ogden

Utah N.A.E.T.

Dr. Greg Kofford (801) 756-8833 American Fork

Cynthia Stuart- Renew Mind and Body

(425) 244-3736 St. George

Susan Hale

Andi Buttery (720) 308-4592

Pamela Headley- Natural Healing

(435) 535-6337

Nevada N.A.E.T.

Eric Martell and Mike Boyer

Lindsey Health Clinic Logan Location

Coming properly dressed and prepared for your treatment will enhance your experience.

Electronics: It is important for all patients to have an environment where they can relax. Please turn off your cell-phones during your appointment. 


Dress:  So that the Dr. can access the acupuncture points needed in your treatment you will need to wear loose fitting clothes (shirts that can be rolled up to the elbow and pants that can be rolled up just above the knee). You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks and will be seated in a recliner. Once Dr. Lindsey has applied the acupuncture you will need remain in your seat for at least 30 minutes to gain the full benefit for your particular treatment.  

Nutrition: As much as is reasonably possible you need to have eaten regular meals and be properly hydrated before your appointment.

Water: Acupuncture, like all forms of energy work, require an increase of hydration to help stabilize and improve the circulation of electrolytes in the body. Make sure you use the restroom before your appointment. Appointments will last approximately one hour. Acupuncture speeds the metabolism so many people need to use the restroom directly following an appointment. 

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