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Hay-fever symptoms of itchy eyes and watery sinus discharge, sneezing and coughing are similar to the symptoms you get when you have a cold. Although the reasons for the symptoms are different i.e. cold symptoms are caused by a virus, hay-fever symptoms are caused by an allergy, but still the symptoms are very similar. In Chinese Medicine many of the herbs and formulas that work for one condition are also useful and effective for the other condition.  For itchy eyes and sneezing use  "Pe Min Wan". For hay fever symptoms with excessive clear sinus drainage use  "Bi Yan Pian" to turn off the faucet.  For hardcore hay-fever symptoms use  "Yi Ming (AL-113)".  If you feel like you have some cold symptoms along with your hay-fever add  "High Strength "Yinqiao" pills. If you feel you have a sinus infection with the hay-fever add 
"Niu Huang Jie Du Pian" in combination with any of the above.


Note: Mix and match any of the above to get the right combination that brings the best results to you. Also these herbal formulas will not only bring relief to the hay-fever symptoms, but over time with repeated use will begin to permanently get rid of the allergies. 

To purchase these items or any other Traditional Chinese Medicine give us a call at the clinic at (435)-535-3006)

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