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There are many different reasons for a person to have diarrhea. For straight forward uncomplicated diarrhea, such as travelers diarrhea, food poisoning or stomach flu you can use one of two over-the-counter Chinese medicines. For mild conditions such as travelers, eating strange foods that don't agree with you, overeating you can use the "Po Chia Pills". For serious conditions such as food poisoning and stomach flu, with symptoms including diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and maybe even vomiting use the over the counter formula "Huoxiand Zhengqi Pian". If symptoms are even more severe you can add the over-the-counter "Niu Huang Jie Du Pian" to enhance the strength of the previous formula. These three over-the -counter formulas are the most important to take with you on any trip or vacation. NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT THEM!

Huoxiang Zhengqi Pian is extremely effective in treating stomach flu and also food poisoning. This medicine is extremely effective in treating all types of intestinal infections. Use it for any and all of the following symptoms, abdominal cramping and pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. 

To purchase these items or any other Traditional Chinese Medicine give us a call at the clinic at (435)-535-3006)

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