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The classification facial acne in Chinese medicine is damp heat manifesting on the skin. The best over the counter medicine for clearing this issue is "Nuo Huang Jie Du Pian"."Nuo Huang Jie Du Pian" is a popular and well known herbal formula that is useful for many different problems of the inner ear, mouth and teeth, throat and glands, and respiratory system. Use "Niu Huang Jie Du Pian" to treat canker soars, fever blisters, and earache, soar throat, various types of skin inflammations, facial acne, and sty. You can add this formula to other formulas to treat sinus infections, respiratory infections, and types of digestive infections.  If there is a strong link between the facial acne and a woman menstrual cycle then adjusting hormones is also important. Usually the best formula to adjust the hormones is "Jia Wei Xio Yao Wan". In the case of acne combined with a menstrual cycle you would take both formulas at the same time.  

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