"Duan Lian Tang Workout Formula" is a combination of three separate formulas used together to create a safe and effective alternative to using steroids to enhance your body-building workout. The first formula is called “Three Ginseng pill”. It is well known and proven that all of the different ginsengs enhance your body’s performance in both strength and endurance. The second formula is called “Vibrant” and primarily uses astragalus to enhance and strengthen your body’s performance. The third and final formula is “Dan Shen Heart Pills”, which improve circulation throughout your entire body but primarily into the heart muscle itself. The combination of these three formulas gives you an amazing response to your weight training and body-building workout. 


To purchase this combination click this hyperlink "Duan Lian Tang Workout Formula"To purchase other Traditional Chinese Medicine click here for the homepage of a website that Dr. Lindsey highly recommends for its reliability.  

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