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Generally the cause of dry, brittle, and thinning hair is a weakening of both hormones and blood.  This condition is most frequently seen in women but is also occasionally seen in men.  This is different than the male pattern baldness.  There are two excellent formulas readily available in pill form which are excellent for treating dry, brittle and thinning hair. Both work well and are usually tolerated well by most people. This means little to no side effects. The name of the first formula is "Polygonum 14" and is sold by Evergreen Herbs and it made in the U.S.A. This formula is both ancient and famous. Originally written for the Dowager Empress of China when she was still a young princess in her late teens. She was having problems with her hair thinning and being brittle. In answer to this problem the royal physician wrote her this medical formula which princess took it all of her life. She was famous for having thick luscious hair well into her old age.


The other formula is called  "Ban Tu Wan" and is a little bit less expensive and is from China. Take it according to the instructions on the bottle. Both formulas have similar effects and have the same primary herb which is Fo-Ti root. Every person is a little different so if one formula doesn't work for you then you can try the other formula to see if you get a better result. Sometimes using both together brings fantastic results. This formula is both ancient and famous. Helps maintain the health of your hair. Not only does Ban Tu Wan help the hair grow, it also helps the well-being of your liver and kidneys and some of the side benfits is that it helps the overall health of the body by improving circulation. For adult use only. Slightly less expensive than Poloygonum 14 which is a formula is both ancient and famous.  These two medicines accomplish the same goal.

To purchase this item or any other Traditional Chinese Medicine give us a call at the clinic at (435)-535-3006)

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