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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, depression is usually caused by liver energy stagnation. One of the best formulas in Chinese Medicine to treat liver stagnation is called "Jia Wei Xiao Yao San".  Another excellent formula is "Yue Ju Tang". Either one of these two formulas taken together with Dr. Lindsey's "Ching Gan-Special Formula" will successfully treat even the most difficult cases of depression. Lower dosages of the same medicines are safe to use with children. 

"Ching Gan Special Formula" is one of the most commonly used formulas by Dr. Lindsey. It originally was written by Dr. Lindsey’s teacher’s Great-Uncle, who wrote the formula for a lady who came into the clinic. The results were so amazing that several of the ladies friends came into the clinic asking for the same formula. This scenario continued each time the Dr. would make a slight adjustment to the formula until he perfected the formula to use with a wide variety of illnesses.  People came from miles around to buy this formula and his clinic became famous for it. The exact content was a closely guarded secret handed down from each generation. Dr. Lindsey received the formula from his teacher and at that time only three people in the world knew the secret to this formula.


This formula treats various conditions caused by excess fire inflammation, and agitated functions throughout the body. It successfully drains and clears away toxins, inflammation, excess from every major organ system and tissue grouping in the body. Although frequently used alone Dr. Lindsey often combines this formula together with another formula in order to treat complicated and difficult diseases.

This is used to treat many different diseases such as headaches, redness and painful eyes, bitter taste in the mouth, tinnitus, irritability, insomnia, depressions, anxiety, GRED, many types of liver disease, UTI, lyme disease, chronic pelvic infection, just to name a few.

This formula is suitable for long-term use and is safe for most types of patients. 

"Gan Mai Da Zao Tang" is another formula effective in treat depression when the depressed individual is having trouble sleeping. It is known as Chinese valium it will help you relax, calm your nerves and help you get to sleep at night. Insomnia, anxiety, poor memory, nervousness, depression, hysteria, night tares in children, gastrointestinal spasm, uterine cramping, globus hystericus and poor focus will improve with the aid of this formula.  

To purchase these items or any other Traditional Chinese Medicine give us a call at the clinic at (435)-535-3006)

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