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How You can Benefit from Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Introduction to Acupuncture and Why and How it Works

The FDA now considers acupuncture acceptable medical practice. In addition, the well-known Mayo Clinic, located in Arizona, practices acupuncture at their facility. Acupuncture at this time is now accepted as part of mainstream medicine in America.

Acupuncture therapy requires multiple treatments in order to be effective. As such most treatment protocols will require a full course of 10 treatments. Some more complicated conditions or situations may require a 2nd or even 3rd course of treatment to receive full effect and benefits. Dr. Lindsey may need to treat a patient once, twice or three times a week depending on their individual situation.

Acupuncture has become so famous worldwide because it is a versatile and amazing medical procedure. Often the results are nothing short of astounding. When done correctly it simply has no harmful side effects. (The FDA has evaluated this statement and proven it to be correct). ACUPUNCTURE TREAMENTS ARE QUCIK EASY AND EFFECTIVE with results that are almost too good to be true. In addition to treating the patients diseases symptoms acupuncture also improves circulation, increases oxygen to the heart and brain, balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, strengthens the metabolism and leaves the patient feeling great. It also tends to improve mental concentration, focus and memory. Some people do it occasionally just for it’s health benefits alone.

Introduction to Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine, of which acupuncture is one small part, is an entire medical system in its own right. It has it’s own medical theory, it has developed it’s own medical treatments, procedures and protocols. Traditional Chinese Medicine also referred to as TCM, is a very old medical system with a history well over 3,000 years. Constantly evolving this system of medicine today is still being activity improved upon and enhanced in hospitals, universities and clinics throughout Asia. Although it’s medical theory is very ancient over the last 150 years Dr.’s and researchers of this field of medicine have employed evidence-based research to enhance and develop the modern version of this ancient system.

Modern TCM still primarily uses herbs to make its medicines. TCM herbal medicines are complex formulas made up of four to over fourteen different herbs in each medicinal formula. These herbs are cooked together to create a single medicine that the patient then takes once or twice a day. Now days extract powders versions of these formulas are available, making it more convenient and a little less bitter to the taste. The FDA keeps a close watch on which herbs they allow the Chinese Medical Industry to use in the United States, therefore each and every ingredient in any one of your Chinese herbal medicines are ingredients listed on the FDA’s Gras list (generally regarded as safe).

After Dr. Lindsey takes care to read your pulse look at your tongue and ask you important clinical questions about your condition, he will then decide which TCM herbal formula best suits the treatment of your condition. Often times two three and even four different formulas will need to be blended together in order to precisely fit your needs because of the sophisticated nature of Chinese medical theory and due to changes your own body will make from week to week Dr. Lindsey will usually need to meet with you an reevaluate your situation and adjust your formula.

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