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Dr. Lindsey Successfully Treats Allergies

Dr. Lindsey successfully treats allergies though a method known as N.A.E.T. and serves those in the Salt Lake and Cache Valley areas. What is N.A.E.T. you may ask? N.A.E.T. is a therapy that retrains the body 's allergic response. N.A.E.T. is based in acupuncture theory and is very effective in dealing with allergies and chronic illnesses. The Acupuncture theory that N.A.E.T. uses is as follows: "Yin-Yang theory from Oriental medical principles teaches the importance of maintaining homeostasis in the body. According to Oriental medical principles, “when the body is in perfect balance, no disease is possible.” Any disturbance in the homeostasis can cause disease. Any allergen capable of producing a weakening muscular effect in the body can cause disturbance in homeostasis. Hence, diseases can be prevented and cured by maintaining homeostasis. According to acupuncture theory, acupuncture and/or Acupressure at certain acupuncture points is capable of bringing the body to a state of homeostasis by removing the energy blockages from the energy pathways known as meridians. When the blockages are removed, energy can flow freely through the energy meridians, thus bringing the body in perfect balance." (taken from informational website) Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad M.D., D.C., L. Ac., Ph.D. made brilliant effort in combining both Eastern and Western Medical practices into an amazing medical therapy designed to correct the body's allergic responses and bring the body to perfect balance. Dr. Devi has made an important impact in the medical world. We found her work to be well documented and worth investigating.

So why would a Chinese Medicine Dr. and a Acupuncturist offer N.A.E.T. as well? Knowing N.A.E.T. was based in sound science we began our introduction to this phenomenal health protical in both a professional and personal way. Dr. Lindsey's own family members received benefit from N.A.E.T. Through its effective, safe, and affordable treatments family members overcame severe nut allergies and chronic illnesses such as chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. Finding this to be such an effective therapy Dr. Lindsey's began training with Dr. Devi, N.A.E.T. creator. His licensing as an acupuncturist gave him the credentials to rapidly move through the training needed to become a certified practitioner of N.A.E.T. He completed his certification, and has had great success with many who have sought out relief for their difficult conditions.

For those who are dealing with allergies and chronic illnesses N.A.E.T. will help you! N.A.E.T. therapy has a great track record for improving many difficult health condition as well as common allergies to food and environmental factors. Yet like all therapies it takes time and consistent diligent effort to make the treatments fully effective. Ask yourself are you ready to commit to a treatment plan that has the ability to put your condition in remission? Are you ready to get rid of allergies and start feeling better allowing you to get on with life? If so then give us a call (Midvale ((801) 233-8830 or Logan (435) 565-0645). If you need to research this method check out these case studies listed below and for more information.

We have selected this reposting of N.A.E.T. case studies to help you understand the health benefits that come from this branch of acupuncture therapy. These are just a few of the different ailments that N.A.E.T. encounters and successfully treats.

"1-27-19 Greetings to all of you, my Friends, I am very happy to meet all of you again. I continue to extend my good wishes to each of you.

Some of our readers requested me to share some NAET case studies of our patients related to lung energy pathways or lung meridian issues. So, I searched through some of the patient-testimonials from my practice and decided to share them here.

To protect their identity, I have only given initials of their names. They all were from California. Name of their specific cities are not given again to protect their identity. I hope this will help you to understand a little bit about how NAET treatments work on helping to clear the energy blockages in the Lung energy pathways thus giving them relief from their presenting symptoms.

The case studies shared here are from our patients in their own words about their experiences with their treatments. We do not claim that NAET can cure anything. I know it can reduce the symptoms if done properly. After receiving the relief from their presenting symptoms, it is the patients’ responsibility to return to their treating physicians to monitor their progress and continue all prescribed medications according to their prescribing physician’s suggestion.

First of all, let me share one of my patient's case study as I remember.

Karl, a man in his early 60’s, came to my office, nearly incapacitated by lapses of memory and seizures that resembled some form of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease or perhaps a mild stroke. He retired two years before in excellent health. According to his wife, he did not suffer from any significant illnesses during his entire life. He was not depressed or lonely after his retirement, rather he enjoyed his retirement. He enjoyed gardening and he found happiness and pride in maintaining a well-kept lawn and a vegetable garden without using pesticides. He always enjoyed home-cooked meals and rarely dined out. He had been healthy when one day, 14 months before I saw him, she found him sitting on the reclining chair on the porch between one of his breaks from mowing the lawn, staring at the street, unresponsive to her questions. In about five minutes, he woke up from his trance state and behaved as if nothing had happened. He did not remember anything that happened during the previous several minutes. Since it was not anything serious, she did not tell him about it but observed him closely after that. During the next few days she noticed similar episodes a few more times and told him about it. He did not have any memory of such episodes. Then she brought their physician-son into the picture.

The son immediately came over and took him to different doctors. Karl was examined by various specialists who did a battery of tests, tested his blood by all standard laboratory works, performed MRIs and scans a number of times hoping to find a cause to this sudden, strange problem. His son consulted different experts in fields, determined to find the cause. Karl continued to have short lapses of memory and seizures, would often wander off in total confusion or complete amnesia, sometimes losing track of significant blocks of time. Neurological examinations and a CAT scan showed his brain-wave pattern to be completely normal.

After months of searching for an answer to the cause of Karl’s problem, and not finding any relief with the usual treatment for seizures disorders (dilantin, etc.), his desperate son decided to search for answers from an alternative medicine perspective. He read about NAET on our website and immediately made an appointment with me for his father.

All the laboratory reports he brought with him did not point towards any specific allergy at all. With considerable detective work in my office with NAET special testing procedures, the procedure that performs the important NAET detective work, the cause in this case turned out to be the airborne spores of a fern tree Karl had planted in his backyard fourteen months before. With this new knowledge, his physician-son and I again evaluated his history. His strange behavior started 14 months before. He was very healthy until then. He had these attacks only during daytime. His hobby was mowing the lawn and caring for the garden in his front and back yards. This retired engineer spent many hours in the back yard cleaning and pulling weeds during the day and took pride in maintaining a good-looking lawn and a vegetable garden. His history pointed one hundred percent towards the cause if one carefully evaluated it – something in the garden was causing his problem.

After successful NAET treatment for the fern, Karl’s symptoms subsided. He was able to get off all the symptomatic medications given for his assumed seizures. He lived normally after that.

1. Hay fever and Bronchitis

I suffered from hay fever and bronchitis since the age of twelve, ever since I moved to Norwalk, California. Dr. Devi treated me for my allergy to yeast, pollen, grasses, flowers, perfumes and mold. I have been totally symptom-free for the past 32 years.


2. My Son’s Asthma

My four-year old son was in one of his extreme asthmatic attacks, even using his face muscles to breathe—this after just having spent two hours on a hospital inhaler. Dr. Devi had me listen to his distressed lungs through a stethoscope and it was frightening! A few moments after one NAET acute care treatment for water chemicals, we listened to his lungs again—and they sounded perfectly normal!


3. My Dust Allergy

I suffered from sneezing and runny nose if I came near any dust. I had to wear a mask if I had to go out of the house. It was very embarrassing. My social life was limited. I took allergy shots since childhood. It helped me somewhat. I was referred to Dr. Devi by my chiropractor. After being treated for dust and dust mite with NAET, I do not react to dust anymore. I am able to travel all over the world now without wearing a mask. I visited India, Greece, Egypt and many European countries in the past couple of years without any trouble. NAET is a revolutionary technique indeed!


4. Can Vitamin C Cause or Cure a Cold?

I was sold on Dr. Devi’s treatment when I first got treated for Vitamin C. It seemed that I would get a cold once or twice a week and was still taking 2,000 or 3,000 mgs of vitamin C tablets a day. She found out that I was allergic to vitamin C, I got treated by her, and now I feel better because I can absorb the vitamin C better.

MA, Ca

5. Severe allergy to Fish

I reacted severely to fish or fish products since childhood. Whenever I ate a minute portion of fish or shellfish, my throat closed up, I couldn’t breathe, I would break out with huge hives all over my body and I ended up in the emergency room for hours with cortisone and other emergency drugs. On a few occasions, I had to be hospitalized for a few days. One of my friends, who was treated by Dr. Devi for his peanut allergy, suggested that I see her for my life-threatening fish allergy. I was curious about NAET. She treated me for all the basics and combinations before she treated me for fish groups. I had a severe reaction during the first treatment for fish. As soon as she placed the clear glass vial with the energy of fish in my hand, my hand swelled up and I broke out in red hives all over my body. I got up from the treatment table to reach for my adrenaline shot which I carried all the time with me. But she stopped me. She commanded me to turn over. She looked very confident. I obeyed her and she applied firm pressure on my back, up and down along the spine for a few times. When she finished applying the acupressure along my spine, she asked me to turn on my back. She tested my arm. I was strong. She asked me how I was doing. I was breathing better than ever and my throat did not feel restricted anymore. I looked at my bare arms. Red rashes began fading away. This is magic, I thought. She was standing in front of me with that smile of confidence, waiting for my answer. “Better,” I said, with a sigh of relief. I had to have three combination treatments for fish (fish group, lungs, colon, spleen and liver, fish group and base, fish group and heat, each on a separate office visit). After completion of the necessary treatments, she told me to hold a small portion of fish in my palm and sit for 30 minutes. I felt fine. She repeated that on three more consecutive days. On the following visit, she asked me to eat a small portion of fish. I had my epi-pen near me when I ate a minute piece of fish, but nothing happened. Ever since I was treated for fish, I eat fish at least twice a week without any problem. This is the best discovery man (woman) has ever made in medicine.


6. Peanut Allergy

My eight-year old son had severe peanut allergy ever since he was a baby. When he was three-years old he had to be taken to the emergency room after he ate a touch of peanut butter. He would get asthma, break out in huge hives and his throat would swell if he smelled peanut oil or roasted peanuts. So we never used peanuts or peanut oil in the house. It was a nightmare for me to read all the labels before I buy food products or send him to school where children eat peanuts and candies and most of them included peanuts. Then I heard about NAET. Sam was treated by NAET for peanuts. After he completed his treatments for peanut, he accidently ate a cookie with peanut. He did not have a reaction. I am not planning to feed him peanuts for meals. But I am more at ease now knowing that he will not have a life-threatening reaction if he ate peanuts accidently somewhere. Thank you, Dr. Devi, for your miraculous contribution to the world!


7. Bronchial Asthma and Body Ache

For approximately 15 years, I have suffered with frequent colds that turn into extended bouts with bronchial asthma and extreme weakness and fatigue. The doctors treated me with extensive doses of antibiotics, steroids, antihistamines, and cough medicine. I was usually depressed and so weak I could hardly move out of bed and had to get shots every day for weeks. Along with it, my stomach would gurgle and hurt for the duration of the medication. The doctors thought the stomach problems were due to steroids.

One night I had the flu and started wheezing, so I took some of the cough medicine I used to take. I had not had a cold since I moved out of Louisiana’s humid climate, but I still had some of my old cough medicine. One hour later, I awoke, aching all over, with my stomach hurting and gurgling in that old familiar way. It brought back memories of the past when I had been so sick. I called Dr. Devi and she told me to bring the cough medicine. As soon as she treated me for it, I got my strength back, was no longer depressed, and my stomach felt normal. I had continuous yeast infections for years. After being treated for toilet paper they disappeared.

When I started with Dr. Devi, I had severe body pain in my neck, head and shoulders. After being treated for the labels in my clothes (cotton and silk), the pain decreased dramatically.

CW, Ca

8. My Asthma Medicine Caused My Asthma!

I used to get severe asthmatic attacks. I was told to take asthma medicine. Whenever I took it, my asthma got worse. Dr. Devi discovered that I was allergic to the medicine. She treated me for the medicine and now I can take my medication to reduce my asthma without causing more asthma.


9. From Permanent Disability to Fully Active Life!

The doctors had told me that I would be permanently disabled and that the medicine I was taking was to the absolute limit. That was when I could not walk across the floor without sitting down and resting because my breath was so short from the asthma I had suffered with for 12 years. A friend had told me about Dr. Devi, but I thought I would wait for a while because I had no experience with acupuncture. But finally, I decided that I had no choice but to go, see and find out what would happen.

My life has not been the same ever since! Previously, I had been tested for all kinds of allergies and the doctors I had gone to had told me that my asthma was from emotions, not allergies, because the testing I had done did not show anything significant. Devi tested me with the muscle weakness test and that showed I was allergic to almost everything I was coming in contact with, including my medication and my husband.

Since coming to her, I have been able to walk, bicycle, eat foods that I no longer react to because of the treatments. I am a voice teacher and had thought I would not be able to sing any longer. Now I am singing, my medicine dosage is minimal, and I am living a life that I did not think, for me, would ever again be possible. I thought my life was, for the most part, over—as far as looking normal. That is not true, and with Dr. Devi’s help, I am living a normal life now.

M B W., CA

10. Tomato Caused Asthma!

I used to get severe asthma and sinusitis whenever I ate tomato or anything made with tomatoes. After I was treated for tomatoes by Dr. Devi, I no longer get any reactions after I eat tomatoes.


11. Bell Pepper, Eggs and Asthma

I used to get asthma, indigestion and depression whenever I ate anything with bell pepper. After I was treated by Dr. Devi for the allergy to bell pepper, I was able to eat and enjoy bell peppers without getting any asthma, indigestion and depression. Since being treated for the allergy to eggs, I do not get any of the above-mentioned problems whenever I eat eggs either. DM, CA

12. Asthma and Sinusitis

I came to Dr. Devi through a friend. I suffered from asthma since childhood. During the last 7 years, I developed severe sinusitis. I was on antibiotics at least 20 days a month. My symptoms were sinus headaches, shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. Within the first two months, my sinus headaches were reduced by 90 percent. By then, the coughing and wheezing were virtually gone. I was treated by NAET for 8 months and I was completely free of symptoms. Previously, I tested positive for grasses, pollens and trees. As per her advice, I waited for 10 months more after completion of NAET to do a traditional allergy testing (RAST). I tested negative for grasses, pollens and trees this time. I am free of asthma and sinusitis for the past 14 years! Thanks to Dr. Devi and NAET.

JA, Ca

13. My Chronic Nasal Infection Is No More

Shortly after beginning a new career in interior design, I suddenly contacted a nasal infection due to allergies that, up until then, I did not realize I had. The infection worsened until I finally was operated on to keep it from spreading into the brain and to alleviate the worsening pressure, frequency and intensity of asthmatic attacks. During that seven-year period I had allergy shots, cortisone shots, antihistamines, and antibiotics prescribed by numerous medical doctors, none of which worked. The year the infection worsened before the operation, I began seeing Dr. Devi who pinpointed some major allergens. After treatment for many of them, I found I no longer reacted to those particular allergens and I started on the beginning of the healing process. However, the degree of infection up until then hampered the body’s ability to respond quickly; so the operation was necessary to assist the process and halt the spreading of the infection. Almost two cups of infectious materials were removed from six packed sinus cavities.

After the operation, I had asthmatic attacks to a lesser degree, but still had not cleared the body of continuing infection and was unable to work. When Dr. Devi began assisting in the total elimination of the infection, the accelerated healing process began. Through diligence and persistence, Dr. Devi uncovered allergens (unrecognized by conventional medicines) that I had been exposed to through my work, such as resins, and formaldehyde, which were major contributors to my illness. Of course, many foods, plants, and other chemicals contributed towards my ill health, too. But it seems that NAET actually cured the body from reacting to those particular allergens. I had the sinus surgery in 1988. I haven’t had any recurrence of my sinus infections or asthmatic attacks for the past twenty years. I did not have to give up my job as an interior decorator-designer, which I love so much. I am so fortunate to have discovered Dr. Devi and NAET.


14. My Chronic Cough Was Cured By NAET!

I suffered from severe dry cough for four years. I coughed throughout the day. It became worse at night after I would go to bed, and early in the morning when I woke up. I tried Western medicine, holistic medicine, and homeopathic remedies for four years. Nothing gave any relief. I changed my bed linen to 100% cotton, kept my home free of dust, used air and water purifiers. I tried every possible treatment known to get relief. Then I was guided to Dr. Devi by a friend. She evaluated me in her office and, on the very first visit, asked me if I was using any special mouthwash. I used this special mouthwash every night before I went to bed and every morning after I brushed my teeth. She treated me for the mouthwash. I had to avoid it for 40 hours. My cough stopped, just as if someone had turned off a switch, after the treatment for the mouthwash. Now I use it regularly without any trouble.


15 I Was Allergic to My Nasal spray

Every time I used nasal spray, my face would turn red. After NAET treatment, I could use nasal spray with no ill effects. Being asthmatic, I was taking two oral medications and using three inhalers. Since my NAET treatments from Dr. Devi for my inhalers, not only has my medication been reduced by 50%, but my oral medication has also been reduced.


16. Allergy to Wool and Cigarette Smoke

I have had a lifetime of allergies, including asthma, hay fever, sinus problems and eczema. Two of my worst allergies were to wool and cigarette smoke. I had become so allergic to wool that I could not wear it or be around anyone who wore it without choking up, developing a headache, raspy throat, and often an asthmatic attack. Since Dr. Devi’s treatment for wool, I am able to wear wool for the first time in many years without producing any unpleasant symptoms. Allergy to cigarette smoke was crippling me socially. The treatment for cigarette smoke has given me more comfort socially since I don’t have to isolate myself from friends. I don’t know how to express my gratitude to Dr. Devi for discovering this new treatment method to eliminate allergies permanently.


17. Fear Triggered His Asthma

Every Saturday, my seven-year old son suffered from asthmatic attacks. Medication or sprays did not help him at all. I had to take him to the doctor’s office or emergency room. Just by sitting in the emergency room waiting area, his asthma would go away. Saturday was his father’s turn to take him for the weekend. Since he was not feeling well on Saturday night, he could not go with him. When I brought him to Dr. Devi, she found that the cause of his asthma was an emotional issue. He was afraid to go with his father because he would have to spend the night in his room with his heavy-set roommate who was very rude to him. So, he began having asthmatic episodes, spending Saturday evening in the emergency room. Then Sunday, his father would take him out for a couple of hours. After he was treated for his allergy and fear of his father’s roommate, he stopped having Saturday night asthma. BC, CA

18. Asthma ?

Elimination of Asthma?!? Is it possible?” I asked when I first heard about Dr. Devi and NAET. “Absolutely!” is the answer to that question I later discovered after meeting Devi and learning her amazingly simple, most effective technique. Bar none, no other allergy treatment in my practice has been as effective as NAET. Dr. Devi is truly a medical pioneer, and she has my deepest respect, both personally and professionally. TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW about the best-kept secret in the world of allergy and asthma diagnosis and therapy: NAET.

A M. (A medial doctor) WA

Suggested reading: If you are interested to learn more about the meridians and their functions, please read: Chapter 2, 6, 10 and 18 in the book, Say Goodbye to Illness by Devi S. Nambudripad. Available at: amazon bookstores.

Please visit to learn more about NAET, to find a NAET practitioner near you, to read about NAET success stories, to learn about NAET global autism study and to learn."

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