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Be Prepared-Stocking up on commonly needed Chinese Medicines.

Ever wonder what is in a Chinese Medicine's Dr.'s personal medicine cabinet? Dr. Lindsey always has these helpful medicines as part of his family's medicine cabinet.

Jing Lian Tang-is an amazing Cold and Flu Formula.

Ginseng and Vibrant- is a great combination to help you have a natural energy boost without harmful side effects.

Houxiang Zhengqi Pian-This very safe herbal formula is a fantastic stomach medicine. It works for all stomach upsets and nausea due to food poisoning or flu. HE NEVER GOES ON A TRIP WITHOUT IT!

Zheng Gu Shui- is one of the best topical ointment (liniment) for sprains, bruises, swelling and soft tissue damage. It speeds healing and soothes the injured area.

Ching Wan Hung- this amazing burn cream has phenomenal results with 1st and 2nd degree burns. It relieves the pain within 20 minutes. When you use this ointment for burns blistering and redness will fade quickly and the skin will not peel off.

Sea-Coconut- is an excellent old-fashioned cough syrup. It calms the cough, moistened the bronchioles and removes phlegm. Best cough syrup ever made.

White Flower- eases travel and motion sickness and is used to stop itching, pain and swelling from bug, mosquito and spider bites. It helps to open the sinuses and improve breathing for colds and allergies.

These inexpensive yet powerful Chinese medicines are a great investment for you and your family's health regimens and emergency preparedness.

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