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Dr. Lindsey Successfully Treats Addictions

Chinese medicine has a long history of successfully dealing with chemical addiction. During the 1800's China experienced many years of opium wars which left hundreds of millions of Chineses addicted to this power drug. Without the help of modern medicine, that was still many decades way, Chinese doctors had to learn how to treat and alleviate this terrible monster of addiction on their own. This long fight over decades has left Chinese medicine with a rich history of success.

Addiction causes the brain to rewire despite the harmul drugs consequences. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine powerfully triggers a rewiring of the brain back to healthy patterns. Dr. Lindsey has great success in working with those who are struggling to overcome their addictions.

Acupuncture works to rewire the brain and eliminate cravings. Auricular (ear acupuncture) acupuncture is added to acupuncture treatments extending the treatments and also helps to rewire the brain aiding the individual in changing the powerful cravings brought on by addiction. Patients are required to press the points that are bandaged to the ear for 10 seconds every time they experience a craving. The pressure applied to these specific points allows the individual to manually shut down the craving impulse and assists the brain in rewiring to a healthy response. Chinese medicine can also be taken at the same time to stimulate the rewiring of the brain and detox the body which helps the patient to no longer crave the harmful substances. Depending on the severity of the case a combination of these treatments may be prescribed to increase effectiveness.

While the patient struggling with addiction will need to anticipate multiple treatments they will be happy to discover that the auricular acupuncture is 1/2 the price of regular acupuncture and the points stay in place for 3-5 days.

Logan office M, F 10am-6pm (435) 535-3006

Midvale office T,W, Th 9-7pm (801) 233-8830

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