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Traditional Chinese Medicine Today

Dr. Lindsey's powerful herbal formulas strengthen and help bring the body back to proper balance.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), of which acupuncture is one small part, is an entire medical system in its own right. TCM is a very old medical system with a history well over 3,000 years. Although it’s medical theory is very ancient over the last 150 years Dr.’s and researchers in this field of medicine have employed evidence-based research to enhance and develop the modern version of this ancient system.

Modern TCM still primarily uses herbs to make its medicines. TCM herbal medicines are complex formulas made up of four to over fourteen different herbs in each medicinal formula. Extract powder versions of these formulas are available, making it more convenient and a little less bitter to the taste. The FDA keeps a close watch on which herbs they allow the Chinese Medical Industry to use in the United States, therefore each and every ingredient in any one of your Chinese herbal medicines are ingredients listed on the FDA’s Gras list (generally regarded as safe).

Dr. Lindsey's knowledge of TCM and his ability to understand herb drug interaction makes him a reliable resource to those who deal with difficult chronic conditions. Dr. Lindsey's expertise in TCM is difficult to match having practiced in both in the Republic of China, and America for more than 25 years. His expertise enable him to adjust and blend each herbal formula to match your body's condition. His formulas are effective in treating many conditions some of which are, depression and anxiety, bone loss, endometriosis, memory issues, Lupus, Lyme's disease, all viral infections and influenza and he has a great cancer support formula that helps those on chemo therapy respond better to treatment. Dr. Lindsey also has pediatric formulas that are safe enough for the youngest of patients.

If you are interested in herbal medicines and think TCM may be what you are looking for feel free to give us a call or set up an appointment. You'll be glad you did!

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